Bikram Yoga is awesome! The facility I used was located in Farmington Hills. They offer an introductory rate of 29 dollars for 30days type deal. That is just too good to pass up, in my book. You can go as many times as you like through those 30days. If you wanted to go to every single class for those 30 days… I am sure you catch my drift.

They tell you if you are planning on going to Bikram Yoga you need to bring a yoga mat, a bath towel, a hand towel and a big water bottle (for more information visit the website). You also want to make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. This is very important in exercise in general, and in Bikram Yoga specifically, because of the environment. When you walk into the Bikram Yoga room it is online australian casinos hot, 105 degrees to be exact. They tell you on your first day that you may just want to lay on your mat the entire class, and some people do. They are very cognizant that it is hot and are always checking the thermostat.

The class begins with a breathing exercise and it moves from there. You then proceed to do different yoga moves patented by Bikram himself. Every movement has a purpose or many purposes. They will explain them as you go through class. Each pose helps to benefit your strength, balance or flexibility, sometimes all three. They coordinate the poses so that some of them bring your heart rate up; then they will compliment it with a less vigorous pose. By the very end you are dripping, and feel like you just had the detox of your life.

I found that after these 30days I felt much better on my runs. I felt stronger and more flexible. My normally tight ham strings were feeling a lot looser. I also love to rock climb and I noticed a greatly improved flexible that I have never had before. Bikram Yoga also gives great toning, I staring noticing that I finally had defined abs, for the first time ever.

Byram Yoga, is great for all ages. Even if you can’t do all the exercises, you will eventually. It provides a feeling of accomplishment after every class and helps rid the body of the days stresses.

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