Girls and Sports

There are a ton of web pages targeted at sports fans on the web these days. I stumbled across a great one today, called Women Talk Sports (WTS). WTS was started my a former steeple chase extraordinaire named Ann Gaffigan, a former basketball player Megan Hueter and an award winning writer/producer Jane Schonberger
. Sounds like a great group of people to me.

If you are like me and have just graduated from college and missing your teammates, WTS is the place to go. It is a calumniation of awesome women for you to surround yourself with (there is some boy’s sports in there also). WTS is basically a ton of different bloggers, talking about an array of topics under one roof. The blogs mainly have to do with promoting women and strength/sports. The blogs aren’t just all about race results either; they have fun topics like “Vote for the new Wonder Women” or “Can you surf better than this Orca whale?”. Although, if you are itching to find an outcome to a race there is a tab called “Race Report”, where you can get your fix.

Whatever you are looking for this is a great find, and they are adding a climbing tab soon so stay tuned ladies.

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