In light of my most recent running exploits (or lack thereof), I just wanted to write down some terms for my next training cycle. The more I write down/the more everyone sees this, the more accountable I will have to be!! Right?? Right!

  1. Do something every single day. Whether that’s running 10 miles, or running 2, or doing a strength workout, I need to regain my old consistency from college.
  2. That being said, remain flexible. In college, I was very anal about my mileage and hitting my splits and doing all of the post-workout exercises in the training room. It was hard to maintain that intensity with a full working schedule. I suspect this will only get harder because I got a new job that requires longer hours. So, if I know I can’t run that day due to a work event or if something comes up after work inexplicably, I need to plan ahead.
  3. Don’t be a wimp. When training for New York, I was a huge wimp and didn’t run the long runs I needed to. I also didn’t want to run with people because I was worried about how out of shape I was.
  4. Run with people! It’s fun! And there’s usually beer involved afterwards!
  5. Chill out for the first few weeks, get in some mileage and some “light” workouts before doing the more intense ones. For the New Jersey Marathon, I started doing intense track workouts right away and that wasn’t good. For a little while, I should just do some fartleks and mileage, for the most part.
  6. Try to watch what I eat. Please. Just minimally try.
  7.  Write down workouts/runs every single day. This shouldn’t be an issue because I love writing but sometimes it gets so boring just writing like “ran 6 miles in 45 minutes.” Just write it down. Because when I look back at my training logs from years ago there are some gaps AND I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT FILLED THEM.
  8. Do not let my coworkers peer pressure me. I work in an industry where people like to go out after events and have fun, but I am a lightweight and can barely get home afterwards, let alone be recovered by the next day.
  9. Blog. I want to shift the focus of my personal blog toward running-related posts (which shouldn’t be too hard considering I’m thinking about running around 90% of the time).

So there you have it; the 9 tenets of my new and improved training contract. I’ll definitely amend this as I go but will also try my best to stay true to these!

Wish me luck, loveys! Next race– Chicago Marathon 2016!

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