A Quick Race Report: The Snake River Half

V__3584(1)I do not like to make excuses for a race but going into this half marathon, I did not feel prepared. Let me tell you, I had quite a few reasons not to:

  1. When I signed up for this race, I thought it was in April not March. I realized in January that it was in March.
  2. I did two runs over six miles total for the training segment.
  3. I started teaching an online course this semester (so day job plus extra job) and well my free time got even smaller.

So going into this race, I had lowered my exceptions.  My A goal was sub 2 with my B goal being sub 10 min miles (so sub 2:10). As we pulled up to the starting line, I thought about also doing a C goal but was confident enough that I would hit my B. I knew too, not to put too much pressure on myself.  The first five miles felt great and I stayed relaxed just picking off other runners. The weather was interesting switching between rain and chilly to humid.  I was able to maintain pace through mile eight and then I went off the rails.   I tried to remain calm and starting making up mantras the rest of the way.


So I repeated the following:

Mile 9: “This pace is great, this pace is great”

Mile 10: “Mile 11 will be heaven, Mile 11 will be heaven”

Mile 11: “Mile 12 won’t be hell, Mile 12 won’t be hell”

Mile 12: “Almost done, Almost done”

I’m not sure why I was trying to rhythm but it kept my mind focused.

When I passed through the finish, I looked down and my watch read 2:06.

My splits were as follows:

Mile 1: 8:58

Mile 2: 8:49

Mile 3: 8:49

Mile 4: 9:17

Mile 5: 8:35

Mile 6: 8:48

Mile 7: 9:11

Mile 8: 9:43

Mile 9: 9:59

Mile 10: 10:17

Mile 11: 10:15

Mile 12: 12: 19

Mile 13: 10:00

Finish: 2:06

I was glad to make my B goal but I’m super pumped to get to shorter distances the rest of the summer.



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