Lets try this again, fall races

XCprintableThe summer training cycle has felt a bit lackluster. I had put a half marathon on my calendar for Oct. 11 but it felt too early in the fall season. Yet, in the Northwest races are not scheduled deep into the fall for obvious reasons. The more I thought about racing a half, the more I began to dread it. I started to make excuses for not training.

Then the smoke from the wildfires came to our part of the state, making it very tough to run outside. Air quality has reached a hazardous level. Apparently, it has been worse than when Mt. Helen’s erupted. It makes all but the superhuman of us have watery eyes and sore throats.Though it is raining today, there is not an end date on the poor air quality. We can only hope that the wildfires will be defeated.

During this time, I have been struck with bouts of nostalgia. Working on a university campus, I often spot the University of Idaho cross country team practicing and instantly, I have a longing for forest trails and lacing up a pair of spikes. I decided that I’m going to try to mimic a cross country season for the fall and move on to training for the Snake River half in the March. I have found a few non collegiate cross country races in the area but if anyone knows of more in the Spokane/Pullman area please leave a comment.

In the meantime, I’m going to train for shorter, faster races and continue with my new weightlifting plan. What races on your calendar for this fall?



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