Marathon Legs…MEH

I am in the last weeks of yet another marathon build up, and I am so READY to race. I really just want to run a marathon…is that too much to ask???

I did one of my last workouts today. It was a typical Indiana day, could not make up its mind!! One minute sunny and hot, the next monsooning on me like the heavens would never be dry again, and then right back to sunny with thunder in the background. It made the workout go by really quickly because it felt like three different days and three different workouts, so that was a bonus.

It can be tough 10 days out from a race not to self assess constantly. I gotta say that I didn’t feel great today, but I kept reminding myself that I have done all the work, my legs will come around by next week, and even if they don’t, I race anyway. My legs don’t ever feel good during tough training cycles, but I don’t panic before hard workouts. I just do them. This is no different. I will wake up race morning, jog around, step on the line, and run hard. Makes no difference how my legs feel; the race goes on. So that is what I was telling myself despite the flatness I felt and the drag in my step.

And then I went and drowned the doubts in salsa and chips with my grandma!! I highly recommend that whenever you feel iffy about yourself or training or life, go to lunch with your grandma. You need to eat anyway and refueling with you gran (or any friend really) fills up your stomach and your heart. Corny, but true.



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