I Run…

This past Wednesday was National Running Day. A lot of people were posting on social media the reasons why they run. I myself run for the enjoyment, the accomplishment, and because it makes me who I am. I was very excited to celebrate with a 5k race and with my fellow runners. It was a beautiful day and I was ready to enjoy just a simple run. My plan going into this race was to just take it easy and enjoy the course. But alas my competitive nature kicked in and I focused on my time and my pace. I realized that I don’t know if I could ever just go for a run without timing myself and knowing how far I went. As soon as I get those headphones on I get in a zone. I listen to music and wait for my running app to give me voice feedback. It’s nice to have my goals and to see my progress.

Every race I have an idea of what I am working towards. Whether it be to place, to run a certain pace or, of course, reach a personal record. Saturday’s race was no different. Not only did I PR for this year but I got 1st place in my age group! I was so proud of myself! Then I started to think ‘I still have more in me, I could have gone faster.’ I quickly realized that I will always be my biggest competition. Even though I have things I’m working towards I still need to enjoy the simple run.


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