Looking to past lessons

Comparison is a killer and in my experience, it has been even harder comparing my current self to my past self. I’ve been blissfully ignoring that past self until recently when she has been speaking up a bit more. I was complaining to my husband how hard running was these day and how I dreamed of sub 9 pace when my past self piped up, “You use to take running much more seriously”. I had to agree, this isn’t new ground for me and I needed to remember what worked for me.

pastRunning in a Group-The easiest way to run faster and further is connecting to the right running group. From middle school to college, this running group was predefined for me. I knew what runners to gauge myself against and who was willing to work. These days, schedules get in the way and I get intimidated by faster runners. But, I’m running with a group (Beer Chasers) every Wednesday and I’m actively looking for a group for Saturday mornings.

Nutrition- “Hello, My name is Cara Hawkins-Jedlicka and I’m addicted to sugar”. I use to avoid eating sweets and only treated myself periodically. I use to also drink so much water!  I’m working on the sugar intake and have began to drink more water (and less coffee).

Consistency-I ran everyday eventually working myself up to 80 mile weeks. I got into a period of letting myself off the hook way to easily (I’m too tired, I’m hungry etc.). I’ve gotten back into a routine of running and typically kick myself out the door. I have built in a floating rest day so that I have a little room to breathe.

Knowing when to push-I was letting myself off the hook while I was running too-walk breaks,less repeats and cutting runs short were becoming routine. There needs to be a point when you just have to struggle through a run and not take the easy way out. Overcoming the challenge is better than not accepting it.

Just remembering these items has helped my running. I’m putting my legs to the test for the first time this weekend as part of a 100k relay. Wish me luck! Cara @carabyrd

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