Life of a full time climber on the road

A life of a climber on the road can be tuff. Weather, skin, psych, and money can be with you most of the time but sometimes it’s not, and we have to want it that much more. We have been battling with not so ideal temps in bishop this winter and it has been challenging. Having to wake up early and get in a session while the rocks still cold from the night, or late at night with lanterns and headlights has taken its toll. But life of a rock climber can’t always be easy and that is what makes it fun. Keep the stoke levels high through the hard times and it will pay off in the end. Getting after it while having fun is what counts. If you can’t have fun then why do it? When your skin hurts, and your bleeding through your tape, don’t let that stop you…Bubba Gump

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