Goals, Goals, Goals!

I have thought a lot in the past few weeks about my goals for 2015. I wrote about how to set goals and the benefits of setting goals, but had not yet been able to put mine into words. Which I certainly need to do as I am racing in a little over a month and need to define what it is I want to do in that race, the LA Marathon, and after during the rest of the year. After some thought, I came up with ???? goals.

1. Have fun while being competitive.

It can be easy for me to be too much of one or the other, all fun or all competitive, and I generally lean towards competitive. But I have been out of racing for a little while and want to be sure that I light that competitive fire in myself again and not let myself off the hook anywhere along the way, not in workouts or in races.

2. Get the Olympic A Standard at LA.

My big goal is to race the Olympic Trials in 2016, and race it well. First things first though…I have to qualify!

3. CORE!

This is random, but I cracked my rib in December and have been scared to do core or lift as the doctor had said to limit those activities while it heals. It certainly still hurts, but I also know the importance of core for runners, so I am setting a goal of core 4 x a week to get my stabilizing muscles back in shape.

4. Run track.

This one is a bit harder to define right now, as a lot depends on how I recover after the marathon. If I can come back, I would like to race on the track and get some leg speed back after marathoning.

That is all I have for now. Goals change and re-shape as the year goes on, but it is a start. I hope that you guys have written your own. Share them if you want to. I would love to know what everyone else is up to!

The start of a looooooooong run!

The start of a looooooooong run!

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