Busier than Busy

To be honest, I barely know what day it is anymore because I have been so busy. Life has been taking so many unexpected turns and each of them has brought a new level of excitement to my life and if you know anything about me, you know that I am the QUEEN of overloading my plate.

I LOVE being busy. I love having so much to do and trying to find time to do it all. I like to think I’m Superwoman but if I’m being completely honest we all know I am nowhere near that. What I am is a doer and a thinker and it occasionally gets me in trouble. What I really wanted to talk about was how to manage your time and still make time for yourself.

Let me first give you an idea of my schedule so you can understand where I am coming from and hopefully try to relate. Monday through Friday I wake up at 5:45 and take Spot on a run for anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Then it’s off to work from 8-2. My job is the least exciting part of my day but it does allow me to focus on schoolwork. After work I head over to Topeka High to coach track and field from 3-5. I don’t call this work because I LOVE going. My kids are awesome and they always keep me on my toes…I swear I have learned an entirely new language from hanging out with them. After I get done coaching I head home OR I head to class, depending on the day (this is my LAST semester of my Master’s degree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), cook dinner, and take the dogs on an hour long walk. If I have time I will usually crochet or do some form of craft.

This WAS my schedule until two new opportunities arose! I started up my own little business for dogs and their best friends called “Lots of Spots Bakery and Boutique”. Like I just said, I LOVE making homemade gifts and sharing them…and I love my dogs. It just seemed like a win-win. The second opportunity came about a week ago when one of my fellow co-workers asked if I could personally train her twice a week. I couldn’t pass it up. My heart has always been in fitness and I have this crazy passion to help people attain their goals. So, count me in!

So I didn’t have time before so what makes you think I would have time now with two additional things on my plate!? Well it’s all about time management and finding time for yourself and your loved ones. There is always time if you are willing to make time. Every morning I have what is called “me time”. That means, I am focusing on myself and preparing for the day ahead. I love spending time with my dogs so going on a run with them is the perfect “me time”. During the day I am pretty much focused on the tasks I need to complete. Do I need to get schoolwork done? Does an order need to be filled? Do I have a workout plan made for track? I get these things done during the day. After track is when I am finally able to decompress and take my mind off of life for a bit. Taking the dogs on a walk is so relaxing for me and helps me to step away from work and a chaotic life if only for a brief time. When I really need to wind down I will grab some needles and thread and let my creative side come out. Crafting brings me a ton of joy, especially when I can share it with others.

One of my favorite things to do when I just need to relax is take a nap. Weekends are MADE for three hour naps. I’m sure of it! Use the week to have a crazy, hectic life and the weekends to just kick back and relax. I’m pretty sure you earned it if your schedule looks anything like mine!

What this whole blog entry boils down to is making time for the things that are important in your life. Everyone is busy and has crazy schedules that look unmanageable on paper but the moment we start completing tasks we realize how easily we are able to take the bull by the horns and really just ride the wave in. Having a busy schedule is one of the most gratifying things. It means you have a purpose. You are probably making a difference in somebody’s life and for that you should be proud.

I really want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and do something you have never done before. Add a little spice to your life! Be adventurous and maybe even overload your plate…I bet you can accomplish more than you think!

Until next time…

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