When Life Happens

JulieI signed up back in September for the Scenic City Half Marathon in February, with the hope that it would be my first sub 2 Half. I was going to train hard, do speed work, eat right and make it happen. Then in October I found out I needed to have my thyroid removed. It was scary and there were a lot of what if’s. Surgery was scheduled for mid December. Right as I was supposed to start training. The surgeon requested 3, possibly 4, weeks of rest after surgery. Well, that sure changes things.

Fast forward to now. The surgery went well and I am cleared to run again. Last weekend I went out after not running for a month. I just wanted to test the waters. If I needed to walk, I would walk. If I couldn’t make it to my goal of 3 miles, that was going to be okay. My friend and I met at a local park so I was never too far from the car, just in case. It felt amazing to be back running. I had missed it so much. I had made it to 3 and I hadn’t walked. I was also exhausted afterward. I was happy but I quickly realized that the goal of a sub 2 half marathon next month probably wasn’t going to happen. Of course I was disappointed but then I looked at the bright side. I am healthy. Every pathology came back benign, recovery had gone smoothly and I no longer have to worry. I have energy back that I didn’t know I was missing. So what, this race isn’t going to be the one where I push myself hard and hit a huge PR and that’s okay. My running group has at least 5  amazing women heading up to Chattanooga to run. My new plan is to just have fun! I am no longer setting a time goal, it’s just about finishing and feeling good. Enjoying the journey back to running. I have larger goals on the horizon but for now I am just focused on appreciating the run.

A friend and I met early this morning for a cold, 19 degree run this morning. (For Georgia, that’s cold people!) I ran 4 miles and felt fantastic. Really, that’s all that matters.


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