When you aren’t the only runner in the family anymore

10659286_10202905677592246_4323240366889049457_nI am the oldest of three girls and we have always been competitive. My sisters are more gifted in the hand-eye coordination area and I was the only long distance runner in the family ( my youngest sister was a sprinter in high school in the soccer off-season).

That changed recently, my middle sister has joined me in those ranks. I started getting pictures of her Garmin and every present has become a request for running clothes. She has slowly built her mileage and plans how to run everyday. She is getting her master’s degree and works in a lab the majority of the day. Running has become the way she gets outdoors. The greenway is right behind her apartment and she tries to go farther on it. It makes me happy that she enjoys it so much. I am so over joyed to be able to share it with her

. “Bring your running clothes and shoes” was the text I received the morning the SO and I left for Thanksgiving with my family. I laughed a little bit for we had already been on the road for two hours (we had to drive to Seattle to fly to Nashville) but assured her they were packed. Thanksgiving this year was her birthday, and before the relatives diverged on the house we went on the run. We ran through the neighborhoods and noticed the changes, we talked about life and explored my old running haunt of the VA. Before I knew it, she was kicking my butt. While I have been trying to get into a routine,  she has been building fitness and speed.

We have decided to run a half marathon in May and it will be fun to share her first half marathon experience. I’ll be training so she doesn’t have to wait too long at the finish line for me.   -Cara

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