What to do…

Just when I thought ‘hmm I don’t know what to blog about…’ I came across this article that fit perfectly with how I have been feeling. I haven’t been working out as much as I normally do and it’s had me feeling pretty guilty and sad. Now that’s it’s winter my inner bear has kicked in and all I want to do his curl up on the couch and hibernate. The first three paragraphs of the article really nailed it on my exact thoughts. I LOVE running but lately I just haven’t had the motivation to run on the treadmill. This article talks about what to do when you don’t want to run. It made me feel better that there will be times when I need to rest, or when I just need to switch up my routine.

image I did run a 5k race this past weekend. (Which the picture is from, Elizabeth and I always get a pre-race selfie in) It amazes me that even though my work outs have been few and far between my body doesn’t forget how to compete. I worry that cutting back on mileage will Hinder my progress but that wasn’t the case. While running I was trying to focus on negative splits. This is something I haven’t really been good at. I always start out way too fast and burn out half way through. Well, I think I was focusing a little too hard because I had too much energy at the end saved up. My time was still my best this year but I was mad that I probably could have gotten an even better time. But I guess that just means focusing on starting out slow and continually go faster is working. Again, proving to me that even though I may be feeling discouraged, I need to stay positive and be proud of my accomplishments.

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