The Cost of Running

I had always hear people say ‘oh running is a cheap sport, you don’t have to pay for any gear or special equipment’ oh how wrong they are. They don’t take into account the many practices shorts, sports bras, tshirts, tanks, pants, under armor and countless other articles of clothing you need to buy for the four seasons. Not to mention the money needed to pay for the special running shoes that fit your feet and running style. But the area that really hits the wallet hard for me is the race entry fees. With all the races I ran over the summer I was curious to know just how much I spent. The number was quite surprising. Its hard to even say it but I spent $504. WHAT?!?! I had to triple check my math just to make sure. The funny thing is, I wouldn’t trade those race experiences for anything. I enjoyed every single one and can’t wait to do them all again next year. I made this to showcase my bibs and medals from each race this year.


I still don’t think what I have accomplished this year has set in.

Yes, all that money sure does add up but the joy of running is priceless. Plus the bonus off all the race shirts.


And FYI for those who read my last blog, today is day 18 of my 30 day challenges. Which means the next time I post I will have completed it and have a better update of my thoughts and results. Let’s just say I’m improving everyday.

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