Gravity has taken better women than me

This is not a blog about falling or inertia. No, this is about cross-training. So to understand me a bit better let me get one fact out of the way, I have no hand/foot eye coordination. I was fast but never great at ball sports so when it comes to cross training I tend to like to stick to cardio classes. Spin class is my go to cross training activity in the winter and cycling when the weather is nicer. The second fact you should know is that I have little to none upper body strength. I despised weight room days in college and was by far the worst part of track.

But when I looked through the classes that University of Idaho offers, I was drawn to the class “gravity” mostly due to the name. I secretly hoped that it would be Cirque du Soleil like. The description of the class is “Dynamic workout on the GTS, designed to provide group strength training that be individualized to each participants fitness levels-without sacrificing technique, variety, challenge & importantly ‘fun'”. This to me sounded like a class that I could do and not be over my head.

WP_20141118_18_23_05_ProI will admit I was little nervous going to class especially when I saw the instructor who looked like he could lift two me over his head and the machine looked a bit like a torture device. As I settled in on the sliding board on the machine, I just prayed I could keep up. I had not nothing to be too nervous about, the class focused on glutes (which I have covered) and abs (also, I’m still pretty strong there). Luckily, the machine made it easy for you to use your own body weight which helped quite a bit. We did end up doing pull-ups and I’m super sore from it today. The instructor was much scarier looking than his personality. He was great with showing me how to adjust the machine. And I was only a little disappointed that it wasn’t like Cirque de Soleil.

I’m going to keep exploring classes in order to become stronger (though I am running tonight). What are some classes that help you with your running?


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