*Four Ways* to Get Out Of the Funk

There are many seasons I go through in life and in my running, where I start to lose my passion, my expectancy, and my motivation. Ever been there? I have!

There are days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed, it’s dark and rainy, and spending all day under the covers sounds much more enticing. There are days when you have zero motivation and desire to do anything.

It’s a completely normal to experience these feelings, but we don’t need to stay in this funk for long!

I wanted to share with you some simple ways that I get out of my dry spells, whether it’s with my running or in my life.

1. Change up your routine & try something new!

With running: Explore. Find a different route or routine for your run or walk. I love this idea- a chorus run. If you run with music- speed up on the choruses. Try a fun interval workout. Just google it and you will find tons of ideas to keep exercise exciting!

With life: Do something that scares you. Face one fear everyday. Take a small step out of your comfort zone today.

2. Stop.

With running: Take a rest day. Or a week. Or even a month. Our physical bodies get worn down when we go-go-go all the time. If you are exercising intensely- rest is just as important as a hard workout.

With life: Cultivate rhythms of rest throughout your day. Whether it’s sitting on the couch and drinking tea with a friend, going for a slow walk in the middle of the day, playing with your kids at the park, or reading a good book under a blanket. Discover the activities that recharge you, help you to slow down and be intentional about life, and invigorate your heart! I’ve found that shutting off my phone, closing my computer, and stepping off the social media treadmill for a day or a season, help me to get back to what really matters in life, bring clarity, peace, and rest back into my mind and heart.

3. Discover the beauty around you.

With running: Sometimes I love bringing my phone and snapping pictures along my run. Instead of the focus be about getting my heart rate up, it becomes about opening my eyes to the beauty around me. One of my favorite reasons to run is that it takes me out into pristine nature, I get to explore trails and cobblestone paths- not only does my body feel good, but my heart swells with thankfulness as I notice God’s creation all around me.

With life: Whether you take photos or not, practice being aware of your surroundings. Take notice of the beauty around you- appreciate it. Look for God’s handiwork throughout your day whether it’s in the colors, the clouds, people’s smiles, or yummy food. Spend parts of your day going on “beauty treasure hunts,” you will be amazed and refreshed as you discover the art all around you.

4. Lose the watch.

With running: Take off your Garmin. Stop the timer. Just get out and exercise without worrying about your pace or distance. Run for the pure enjoyment of it. It’s easy to lose our desire to be active and healthy when we turn every run or workout into a race.

With life: Don’t worry about the time. Linger longer with friends. Throw out your to-do list for a day or two or more! Don’t be so caught up in your schedule that you have time for the spontaneous adventures of life. Practice savoring your day without be so focused on accomplishments and productivity.

These are a few ways I keep my life and my training fresh and exciting and remind myself that life is an adventure with ups and downs, ebbs and flows- all of which are necessary and good.

Would love to hear what you do when you’re feeling blah…or what resonated with you on this list?

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