The Privilege of Being a Spectator

A couple of weekends ago I had the privilege to be a spectator. Now you’re probably thinking why in the world is that a privilege? Wouldn’t you rather be running? The answer is, of course, but it’s very rare when a former competitive runners gets to sit back and enjoy one of the most beautiful sports there is.

One of my very good friends, Brooke, was running her first half marathon after having a baby less than five months ago. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t able to run during her pregnancy and was forced to take a step back from the one thing she enjoyed most, running. I decided to run up to the race and cheer her on since her husband and baby girl were not able to make it. She was amazing. It is incredible what the body can do in such a short amount of time. She didn’t break any world records but she ran 13.1 miles after taking almost nine months off of running.

I was lucky enough to run by her side for some of the race and both of us agreed that it was so much fun being able to run without the pressure of having to impress someone or feel like you always had to get a PR. We were able to laugh, enjoy the weather, and and most of all, embrace running. That’s another beautiful thing about running, it brings people together. It brings people like Brooke who are recovering from having a baby to the older population looking for a challenge to eight and nine year olds who are testing the racing waters for the first time.


Running is magical and is something I don’t see myself ever giving up. I find so much joy in watching people accomplish their goals and find even more joy in being able to connect with people I otherwise would have never met had it not been for running.

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