Enduring Old Man Winter!


I’ll be the first person to say it…I absolutely do not like winter. I can’t imagine there are too many runners who enjoy it…winter means added layers, frozen cheeks, fingers and toes, a ridiculous pile of laundry every couple of days, and let’s not forget the super short amount of daylight. With all that being said, it is probably a good excuse to stay inside by a fire and read a book, right? It would definitely make life a little bit easier…

But I’m choosing to brave the cold because runners don’t take the easy route. Runners learn to break through barriers and endure the workouts they may be dreading. I can’t lie, yesterday when I got up at 5:30 and checked the weather before I went running and saw it was 5 degrees I immediately wanted to crawl back into bed. That would have been the easier choice. Instead, I put on way too many layers, grabbed my dog and off we went and honestly it wasn’t all that bad. See, there’s an awesome crispness to the air that you don’t get to experience in the middle of summer and there’s that winter smell that I would otherwise miss out on had I not stepped out the door. And let’s not forget the joy on my dog’s face when I brought out the leash…he lives for this cold weather!

Although winter brings frigid cold air and forces me to do more laundry than I really want to, it also brings about other joys and a sense of accomplishment when I finish a good run. It’s an even greater sense of accomplishment because I got up and going when I had a million excuses to stay inside. One of my favorite things about getting out in the morning is seeing other runners who are doing the exact same thing. They too are runners. They didn’t choose the easy route.

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