I have wanted to run a relay type race for a while now. I mean, who doesn’t want to go somewhere cool, spend a lot of time in a van with various other stinky runners and run, a lot. Sometimes even at night. I see others pictures and the whole idea seems like so much fun. Recently, a friend of a friend posted up that she was looking for women to join her team for the Palmetto 200 Relay in March. This year, I have resolved to take more chances so this was a great moment to stay true to that resolution. I jumped on board. My husband, God love him, didn’t even bat an eye when I told him I was signing up for a 200 mile relay race. His only question was, “When is it?”
I am on the team! Oh man, I am on the team. Mixed emotions ensued.
You see, I don’t know any of the women I will be running with. Initially, this made me nervous. I don’t necessarily like being the “new girl” in a group. I am not a super outgoing person until you get to know me. But then I looked at it from a different perspective. Not only do I get the chance to run a really cool race but I also get to meet all of these other women runners. Hear their stories, get advice and support and hopefully share the experience of a lifetime. I am beyond excited for March 2015. We will be running 200 miles from Columbia to Charleston, South Carolina. I am so glad I jumped on the opportunity to run with a group of strangers. I am looking forward to meeting some amazing, strong women runners.

Now if only getting over my fear of running in the dark was that easy…

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