Fitness goals

Well I have finally decided my next fitness goal. After months of training for the half marathon I took a much needed week break. After that week was over I was itching to get back at it. With the warmer weather (sadly) over I headed back to the gym. But I needed to make sure I had a plan. When I was training for the half everyday I knew how many miles I needed to get in. I didn’t want to walk into the gym and wander from machine to machine without concentrating on an area. After thinking about it on my week break I finally came to an decision….drum roll…

I am challenging myself to 2 of many 30 day fitness challenges.


I figured it was a short yet rewarding goal to work on. While doing this challenge I will still continue to run and occasionally switch it up with some arm and leg workouts. After this is complete I may consider doing another one or maybe during this month I’ll think of something else. Having any goal is very important. It helps you focus and you get to see the hard work you’ve put in a result. Plus having this blog (and telling people in general) helps you accomplish those goals you set for yourself. By telling others, it encourages me to not let hem, or myself down. Following through on something you set out to do is one of the most rewarding things. And when you can share that with others, it is that much better.

I am most excited about the fact that this challenge will help my running game. (Besides the wash board abs I hope to gain) Increasing your core strength is a huge benefit for posture and speed. With only a few days into the challenge I can already feel an improvement. And I will also say I have missed the gym (but not the treadmill).

What fitness goals have you challenged yourself to?

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