Race Recap: Grand Rapids Half


I am on the hunt for some marathon speed (oxymoron?)


I had originally planned on a second marathon (after racing Boston in the spring) but starting this training block I felt less than inspired when picking out a race.


This summer was spent finishing my masters (specifically a MPH degree with a focus on global public health for those interested), temporarily living life in northern Michigan, and most importantly for this blog, working on creating a base for my “speed”. Focusing on a quicker cadence and including dynamic warm up drills and strides were habits I worked on to keep moving closer to my bigger goals as a runner.


Taking this a step further I realized that my fall race could be a continuation of this strategy. In deciding to compete in a half marathon, I would be lowering the “race pace” I would shoot for in workouts, while still building on a larger base mileage.


Long story short, the experiment was a success. During the race specific workouts I was able to hit paces I hadn’t before, and for longer repeats. Although apprehensive leading up to race day on what it would feel like to hold those paces for a much longer distance, the work I had put in was solid. I came away with a 4 minute pr, but more importantly the experience of holding my goal marathon pace for the 13.1.


Going into the winter season, I am pumped to get back to training and building strength so that when I get to the starting line of my next marathon I will be ready to feel that speed again 🙂


Congrats to everyone else out there finishing up their marathon/ race seasons, excited to see so many tribe members getting after it!


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