It’s one of those days…

Every runner has those days where you literally want to sit in front of a TV and just be a big ol’ lump. Don’t even try and kid yourself…you’ve been there! After a while training can get monotonous, your legs get tired, and sometimes you’re just ready to change things up. That’s kind of where I am at right now, especially with the weather changing.

See, I am an early morning runner. 5:30 am I’m attempting to convince myself I want to get out of my warm and cozy blankets and put on layers to go running. Thankfully I have two dogs who pretty much force me out of bed but lately it has been getting harder and harder. It’s in those moments when I realize that running doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, running has never really been a chore for me. It’s the one thing I know I will always love so I know this is just a phase and like everything else, it too shall pass.

2014-09-25 11.52.44

Being a runner is a lifestyle. Runners don’t have gym schedules or special workout gear that they MUST have in order to do whatever it is they are trying to accomplish. We have our running shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt and we’re ready to go! That’s what’s awesome about running. It’s simple. It’s always convenient. and It’s always a challenge. You either put the shoes on or you sit around wishing you did. And that’s exactly where I am right now. I know if I don’t put the shoes on I’m going to regret not running because it’s a lifestyle for me. It’s the easiest thing I can do for myself. It’s the easiest way to make me happy.

With winter quickly approaching I am making it a point to run because I want to, because it makes me happy. It’s not a chore. It’s not something I have to do. It’s something I enjoy doing with my dogs and it’s a way for me to bond with them. It’s a way to boost my mood and put a pep in my step early in the morning. It’s something that makes me feel good about myself and why wouldn’t I want to start my day off with such a feeling?

Until later!

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