Running Companion

Runners come in all different shapes, sizes, and abilities. Running alone is a great way to clear your head, however, running with someone else is comforting and challenging. My running companion will always be able to out run me, but that doesn’t stop me from running with her. She is seven years, in dog years that is. Willow is greyish white hair, freckles, and is very cute. Preparing to run with Willow is a long process, I usually have to sneak around the house as I prepare for my run, making the harness and leash the last step. When you head over to the dog cabinet she knows it means one of two things, treat or a walk. Leash in hand, she will bark and stay by the door until it is time to leave. I have had Willow for a year now and she loves to run with me. We are slowly mastering her skills of running next to me, as she wants to pull ahead (she thinks I’m too slow). I have learned that using a harness with her works best because the leash is out of her reach. Willow is an Australian Cattle dog mix, full of energy, speed, and agility. I am working hard to eventually race with her. Australian Cattle Dogs (ACDs) are known to devote themselves to a particular family member, which luckily was me. They received the nickname, “Velcro dogs” for that reason, making her the perfect running companion for me. Willow requires a lot of attention and physical activity to keep her from resorting to what she thinks “needs doing,” which usual leads to destructive circumstances. This motivates me to run not only for myself, but to keep Willow off of my family’s bad list. A tired cattle dog is a happy cattle dog.


Willow is ready to play at all times! The is a pre run photo!

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