There are many reasons why people run. Some do it to stay active, or others to clear their minds. I myself do it for the sure joy of it. Ever since I could remember I always loved running. I will never forget the day someone asked me to join the high school cross country team. I looked forward to practice and meets. After high school I stopped running and never really did anything active, just focused on college. I always said I was too busy and didn’t have time. I started running again about 2 years ago when I went through a bad break up of over 6 1/2 years. It was time to focus on me. I wanted to live a better life where my main focus was about how I felt and what made me happy. I am now living on my own, a great job in my desired field, and living an active and healthy life. I am gone 10 hours out of the day for work, come home, work out, shower, eat, bed and then repeat. I still manage to do everyday things around my apartment and find time for me. In the fall I will be running my first half marathon. I have found my love for running and for myself again.

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