Well I’m back from my favorite places, Ten Sleep. It was just a short trip this year but packed with adventures. I always start my climbing trips with one goal, To have fun. Whether I send projects or not, whether weather is perfect or not, the adventures you make of it is what is important, leaving knowing you gave it your all.

(early stages)

Before I get into the travel I wanna just dip a little into all the work that we did to get the truck ready. Khristian and I spent many days and hours working on the back of the truck, converting it into my home. It has been a long time since I’ve had my home on wheels back, after last years adventures in Ten Sleep, and flipping the jeep that had been my home for the last year on the road.

(getting closer)


  Well I met Dyl, at the saloon of course and we shared a beer, happy to be back, and headed up the canyon to find home for the next 17 days. After setting up we decided to swing by the good old gym crag, Home Alone Wall, and get in a few pitches to get back into the groove. After that most of the days blend together, with clipping bolts, taking whipper, and having fun, and the occasional send and celebratory beers thrown into the mix.

  Well Travis decided to surprise up with his presents the next evening and the party was on for the remainder of the trip.

   I had left Ten Sleep last year with only one route unfinished, Crown Prince Abdullah. I came back with revenge and crowned myself Queen Abdullah after just a few goes back on it.  Spent just a few goes re figuring out bata and came back the next day to send it on my warm up burn, with the support of Dyl and Travis

(sending Crown Prince Abdullah 12d)

 With one send followed another and another, Dyl, Travis, and myself just taking down anything we touched. Travis sent “Shut the Fuck Up” 13a followed by myself (first time sending 13 in a day with  just 3 burns). Dyl sending Gorilla Tactics 13b. The stoke was high…..

(Dyl in the crux of Gorilla Tactics

and taking it to the top for the send)

(Mountain Spank Material 13a)

   I found this amazing line that gets overlooked too often, but I love those lines, It’s called Kyberspace 13a/b. It starts of with 5 bolts of compression moves and then into the crux, I spent many days figuring out how I was going to do this because I came up about 6 inch too short in app index haha. Well after lots of defeat I unlocked it. It was so much fun and I wanted to try and send it, knowing that it was more challenging because of my height I forced myself to take a long deserved rest day. We went back up and tried it again, I was again defeated with the one hang. I admitted defeat and with having to head out the next afternoon I cleaned my draws. The next day, the last day, Dyl, Khristian, and Travis convinced me to go up there and to try again, “Sam this way you can leave knowing you tried as many times a possible”… Dyl.. well Dyl is always right. So we hiked back up to try again, and again, and again, and again. But Ten Sleep just wanted to make sure I had something to keep the psych leaves high until I return.

10553523_10100467501460480_7751927060602273473_n                   kyberspace 13a:b

(Working out the first crux on Kyberspace 13a/b)

Khristian even managed to make it here with a few days left to climb after his adventure with the big walls in Yosemite.


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