I am Lucky


The thing is and I think I should preface with this, because I have been thinking about it a ton lately. Recently JORDAN and I went on a run YES Jordan is running. The amazing gazelle she is, deciding to train with me.

Good choice!

Anyway, yesterday we were out on our run and we were talking and she had expressed some aggravations about running and how it was going. Of course being the elder I had to share my perspective. And here you all go this is my perspective:

After running middle school track, skipping two years in high school in order to play soccer, then racing for Michigan State University. I thought I was over and done with racing on a track. I just thought ya know I put my time in, I had a wonderful ride but now I am done. Life works in funny ways sometimes, and being out in the great state of Washington has opened up this opportunity again. I get to race (run hard) on a track again. I get to prolong this experience. Thus every race is icing on the cake.

Also I am not racing to possibly make someone proud or win or anything. I compete but that isn’t why either. I run hard because I love the feeling of running hard and I love the feeling of coming home still pumped up from a hard run. And I will continue to do it until I can’t anymore. When that day comes, I don’t want to regret not enjoying it while I could.

I am so lucky.

Alright, SO for the race. I think that I warmed up okay, but I really think that I need to get more form drills. Maybe some harder sprints to begin with, it just takes me far too long to get focused and find a rhythm  I again AS PER usually, will blame this on the distance racing ha! I will also blame it on the fact that I really haven’t done any speed training yet. Thus I am okay with how it went considering those factors, I would just like it to feel like I am not pacing it. I have some ideas I would like to play with and I will let you know how they play out. #HFCNC (Have fun, Compete and Not Care).



Race: 1500 meters

Official Time: 4:51:31

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