PR for 5K

6_13_13postAll right. SO this last track meet was pretty awesome. Well and a little lame, because my trusty sidekick Jordan did not attend. She was a bit hurt-ish.

I raced the 5k this week, but got to watch two of my friends in the mile. One of my friends just realized at age 27 (after competing collegiately) that you should, at some point during a RACE breath through your mouth. I am not kidding. This kid has raced countless 5ks and has run a 30 something 10k on the track, ONLY breathing through his nose. That still cracks me up. Even better the REAson he was doing this was because his 6th grade gym teacher told him to.

My 6TH grade gym teacher told me, THAT IF I did crunches I would have an hour glass figure, and I knew that wasn’t true in 7th grade.

UMMM that’s called genetics buddy.

Okay, so back to my race… I warmed up pretty well. The meet was a little behind when I had started warming up and by the time I finishes just my jog. It was caught up all the way … (I knew it would happen). So I felt like I needed more drills, but didn’t have a ton of time to do them. It is one of those things like when you know your about to go run hard (or try to run hard). You get really lazy before, so I think I could of got more drills in but instead I was like I have to pee (even though I didn’t).

Yeah a little lacking in drills, but other than that I got my strides in and felt fast (spikes). I am not really wearing proper spikes. I mean for me this all doesn’t REALLY matter. Thus wearing MD spikes for a 5k is cool.

I had not one, but two pacers actually a couple (female and male) paced me for my 5k. I could feel the love (only kidding). They had just done time trials themselves. ACTUALLY they ran the mile, then right after the 400×400 and then right after that they agreed to pace me for the 5K. AND I wasn’t about to let them get out of that. No takesy backsy.

Going into the race as a dumb 800m runner I was like AHHH I think I will run with the 17:00min 5k gal. Luckily I had my pacers and didn’t do that dumb move. I tried something similar in a half marathon once where I put the hammer down at mile 6 and that ended horrible. Well, felt horrible.

ANYWAY back to 5K that felt okay until last mile then I had to really focus on my pacer and at one point I got confused on laps. Thought we had 2 to go when we really had 3 so that was VERY disappointing.. but I did finish in a PR with a lot of hands on knees breathing. Embarrassingly kept breathing hard for quite some time. Oh 5K you are never kind to my ego. Can’t forget my goal for this year though (Have fun/Compete/Not Care). #HFCNC



Unoffical (times aren’t posted) – Jackie 18:22 5K

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