I. ME. 3K


Back for another charming week of amateur competing… It’s your host Jackie Gross (that has a nice ring to it). I am here to just give you brief insight into the track meet last week..

SO. Last Wednesday was AB FAB and all the good weather runners decided to join in. Oh wait, I mean parents didn’t mind sitting around in the sunshine, so the big kids meet started later then expected. I. ME. Warmed up a little too early discovering that a little too late.

If you don’t know I was doing a bit of “work out” instead of a “race” still trying to gain fitness running the 1500m (in spikes) and the 3k (in trainers).

Jordan was also doubling doing the 1500k (with me) and the 400m (both in spikes). Thus far Jordan has managed another full week of non-running followed by track meet where she does two races quite literally back to back. The girl has lost her mind.

It is always interesting for me to race distance races on the track, always a bit of a humbling experience. If I ever get a big head about anything, I’ll just stick myself in a 5k on the track. ANYWAY, we aren’t here to worry about my ego. Like I said before no ONE cares.

Continuing on…

The 1500k for me was a bit of a wakeup call, totally have been racing way too many distance stuff. I woke up half way through the run and was like, “Ooh, I should be sprinting this” and then the race was over… So I am really excited to race another 1500m where I actually ya know.. race.

Jordan did not do too shabby considering she doesn’t run. She was a little pissed at me right after the 15 for suggesting she race that. But, 10 mins later we were friends again. Her 400m which was right after the 1500m, she kicked some serious a$$, and I was pretty proud of her on that one.

My 3k debut, was me and this other fast girl -OR- this other girl who had maybe run the 3k before ..maybe several times…. Maybe not. Who knows. All I know is that she was faster than me. Which isn’t saying much.

I was supposed to cool down 7-10mins after the 1500 and then warm up 7-10 before the 3k but ummm I didn’t get to warm up…. only cool down. In all honesty there was maybe 20 mins between the two events. I would also like to confess that I keep forgetting the 3k and 5k start on the other side of the track.

Needless to say it went like this, ME: “UUUUMMMM sh1t the 3k is starting” (me grabbing my number and running over to the other side of the track).

Then BANG.

I did enjoy the 3k that was quick and only painful for the last 3laps, overall a good time and fast girl I am coming for you (maybe).

Official times:

Jordan: 1500m – 5:37.87

Jordan: 400m – 1:06.72

Jackie: 1500m- 5:00.19

Jackie: 3k- 11:11.50

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