Olympic Trials

Olympic Trials!

As you might have discovered, I took a trip out to Eugene to watch the US Track Olympic Trials. It would be my first time in the Pacific Northwest, and I had an amazing time exploring new territory. The first bit of my adventure surrounded the stadium, supporting a friend before, during and after her race and rubbing elbows with her fellow competitors. It has become a bit of a hobby of mine to sneak into places I probably shouldn’t be so naturally I found myself in the athlete hospitality tent. It was cool to see the other side of such big competitions, and I really enjoyed meeting some of the runners whose careers I follow. Also have to mention how electric the atmosphere is at Hayward Field. My stadium pass sat me with other supporters/ athletes so I experienced the extreme emotions of coaches/ friends/ sponsors/ fellow athletes as they watched fellow athletes dreams come true. I was particularly stoked to be in the stadium for the women’s and men’s 5k finals, probably two of the most exciting finishes in the entire

While in Oregon, I also took a few side trips during the off days. My first excursion included a roadtrip with the flotrack guys to the coast to find some sand dunes at John Dellenback Park. The landscape was pretty amazing, one minute you were completely surrounded by sand and the next you are staring at a forest of trees popping out of nowhere. Incidentally we got lost for about 4 hours trying to find the ocean, but not to worry, we eventually found our way to the water (it is rather difficult to follow a “trail”
in nothing but sand). Towards the end of my trip we also explored Crater Lake, one of the coolest landscapes I have seen. We arrived to the rim road just as a rainstorm blew in so driving and picture taking became somewhat of an extreme sport.

In all, an awesome trip for an outdoor runner junkie. Even the little stuff like running into Olympians on my daily runs through Eugene (while sporting my UR SPORTSWEAR shorts of course), eating the BEST sourdough pancakes you can imagine, and playing the floor is lava in the hotel room made this trip one I won’t soon forget. Looking forward to seeing how our athletes do in London later this summer!

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