Ann Arbor Race Extravaganza

Another fun filled weekend with the UR SPORTSWEAR crew!  This time we hit up the Ann Arbor marathon, half marathon, and 5k race.  I was beyond excited to be meeting back up with these fun girls, and to be running the familiar roads of my old college town.  We were at the expo in Briarwood Mall on Saturday, chatting to people picking up their race registration packets and telling them all about our sportswear.  It was great to be in such an exciting atmosphere, as everyone was getting mentally ready for some running the next day.  A big thanks to the AA race organizers who put on a great expo and letting us in at the last minute! 

Race day came incredibly early, but I was SO excited to be running with Jackie, owner/creator/ designer extraordinaire of UR SPORTSWEAR , and being a part of her first half marathon experience. Her sister, who worked the expo with me,  even joined in the fun and registered for the half!  What promised to be a rather warm race day ended up being a mercifully overcast  morning.  By the end of the day we had 3 pr’s, 2 age group winners, and 2 top 5 finishers 🙂 One of the most rewarding moments of the day was getting up to the start line and seeing one of the runners sporting her UR SPORTSWEAR shorts she had bought the day before! Another spectator recognized us and our product from the expo as well, and made a point of letting us know.  It’s so rewarding knowing that the word is getting out about how great these shorts are and how excited other people are getting about the company.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with my performance. It was tough both mentally and physically to race on tired legs without a taper, but it reminded me of the patience needed to complete the long runs I have grown to love so much. It actually felt really similar to the second half of a marathon, when your legs don’t always respond as quickly as you wish they would.  Plus, running with Jackie made the whole thing much more fun, having a familiar stride rhythmically pushing us both forward and getting caught up in the novelty of her first half marathon experience.  Can’t wait to race with the UR SPORTSWEAR crew again!

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