Its amazing how fast something can go from one day a week and just for fun, to three to four days a week and your already training for competitions! I just recently got back into gymnastics, only a month ago, and I am already on a team and training for next year!

I am really excited not only for the upcoming competitions but also because gymnastics really helps with strength and balance for climbing! I am seeing an improvement already in my upper body strength! Its a really great feeling to be climbing stronger (:

My shoulders are not quite as strong as I would like them to be, but the balance beam and the bars is really starting to help. Specifically the bars, it takes a lot of upper body strength to even hold your self up on the bars. By training on them 3-4 days a week I am really seeing an improvement, I am always sore after practice haha. Although I am not a fan of all of the flappers they give me…

Tomorrow is going to be a great work out day, I am climbing then have gymnastics right on top of that!

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