One More Week.

Finishing up the long, muddy day.

These last few weeks have been overwhelming and busy. The school year is finally coming to a wrap. But my schedule seems to be getting busier everyday! The school year may be ending, but riding, gymnastics, lacrosse and climbing outside are just starting!

I still haven’t had the chance to go climb outside, usually we would leave Friday morning, but I haven’t been able to miss school with finals coming up. But hopefully Niagara Glen is in the near future :). I have been in the gym about 3-4 days a week, not as much as usual, but still enough to get strong!

Gymnastics just started last week! I can already see an improvement in my upper body strength while I am climbing! I think it will really help all around, not just with climbing, but with lacrosse and even riding. Its a really fun sport, I am glad I have been given a chance to get back into it.

Lacrosse is going to be starting within the next month, I can’t wait. I have really missed it the past few months! I just re laced my stick yesterday, I’m ready for the summer season :).

I have been spending a lot of my free time riding. I didn’t get the chance last year to ride a whole bunch. I’m really glad I have already spent 6 or 7 days this season on the tracks! Hopefully I will be riding just as much this summer. I am also hoping to get a few races in.

Sorry I haven’t updated lately, but I promise I will be posting more soon 🙂

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