California Sun

Hey from Cali! I’m currently in San Luis Obispo for 10 days to visit a friend and escape reality for a bit. Exploring new trails and cranking out workouts in a new place has gotten me totally jazzed about training again, funny how that works. It is a sad day when you become less than excited to lace up the shoes for your daily running escape.  So I can definitely recommend something as small as driving a little farther to explore a new park to renew your love for running.

I also find it quite hilarious that my visit to Cali is oddly similar to a running camp of sorts, working harder, pushing further and completely focusing on training above all else. It helps to be visiting a friend who values the exact same thing.  Besides chilling out at coffee shops to snatch some internet and becoming regulars at SAL’s sandwich shop around the corner (the Narwhal Prince has to be THE BEST creation) we have done little else. Thanks to UR SPORTSWEAR, I have been able to document all the cool runs I have been on via GOPRO and can’t wait to upload some awesome footage! This little camera is excellent for the outdoor types who want to show friends the cool places that you discover.  So keep your eye out for new videos to be posted soon!

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