Spring is in the air

So exciting to see the sunshine again! And to top it off my tendonitis seems to have resolved itself after a week or so of giving it a bit of tlc. Just goes to show what a little bit of rest and listening to your body can do.  Now as temps are reaching past 70 I can enjoy the sun pain free.  Bring on spring! However, I do wish I could just hang a disclaimer around my neck at work, addressing the fact that red-heads tend to flush for quite awhile after finishing a run out in the sweltering heat. I will return to normal in a few hours people, no need to panic lol.

Last weekend I had a wonderful long run wandering along in the Ann Arbor trails.  My legs were positively giddy with excitement for the warm temps and visiting my old college trails surrounding campus.  I was ridiculously surprised how quickly two hours passed, I was having an absolute blast feeling the sun on my face and dirt under my feet. Topped it off with a quick ice bath in Argo Pond (key word quick, could only manage to hold my legs under for about 10 seconds at a time… brrr!).  Just couldn’t resist, a quick post run chill for your legs can help aid recovery, flushing out lactic acid and preventing inflammation.  Feels great after a long sweaty run too!

So go on and get out there guys! Just don’t forget the sunscreen and extra hydration 🙂

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