Climbing and Track and Field, I’m loving Spring!

It has been in the 60s this whole week! Its been so nice, its pretty unusual for it being March in Michigan! This Monday Track and Field season started, I have track practice Monday-Friday. It has been taking a toll on how much that I have been climbing this past week :/. But I feel like there is a plus side to the track season as well, its a great cross training for climbing! This year for track I plan on participating in the long jump, high jump, and 100 meter dash! I am very excited for my first meet in April!

Now that the warm weather is finally blowing in, its almost time to go climb outside! I am very excited to take a trip to Niagara soon! The weather in Kentucky has been amazing lately, lots of people from Planet Rock have been taking trips, I’m a little jealous… but hopefully during spring break I will make it down for a couple of days!

Lately at the gym I have been working on my endurance. I have found that lapping boulder problems is really helpful! I usually lap V3s or V4s, and I go until failure. While I am lapping the problems, I have been focusing on not over gripping and my footwork to save energy. It’s¬†surprising how many more laps you can get in if you stay focused on the little things! You don’t always need to lap on harder problems, or crimps or slopers, jugs can help too! If you find a really overhanging V1 or V2 that is all jugs, it can really help you work on your core! A strong core is a huge part in your climbing!


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