pools, bikes, and ellipticals oh my
Chapman’s Peak

I feel like cross training is always and adventure.  When you don’t have college workout facilities at your disposal open 24/7 to cater for crazy schedules, there really isn’t a surefire place to find a pool, bike, or elliptical to use when you want it. My realization last week: one should never underestimate the convenience of just being able to lace up your shoes.  A bit of tendon pain has made me choose to cross train a few days this week and allow for some rest.  This Sunday I was able to figure out with enough time that a pool was available for long enough to do my entire “long run” in the water.  At times it was a little overwhelming trying to share the deep end with overzealous children and a beginner class of 20 scuba divers, but it sure did make the two hours anything but mundane.  After a week of cross training I have been reminded of the importance of building the other muscle groups important for running, and to not ignore what my body is trying to tell me when it starts to twinge.  It has led me to looking up more youtube yoga videos for core and hip strength, taught me that it is nearly impossible to do a fartlek on the elliptical (I would just suggest trying the pre programmed hill workouts instead), and also that you inadvertently entertain people trying to run around the pool decked out in a headband, k tape and an aqua jogger.


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