Yoga for You
Sunrise in Kleinmond, Western Cape

I love my yoga Mondays.  Despite being the first day of the week it can also be one of the most stressful, so I often schedule this to be my rest day for training (which sometimes includes a run, but relatively short). I happened to find a wonderful free (donation requested) yoga class given at the Kalamazoo Gazelle sports. It’s wonderful the cross-section of individuals that turn up for the practice, I am the youngest by about 5 years, and the oldest is pushing 60, with every age and athletic type in-between.  

It is wonderful to get together with such a loving group once a week and de-stress together. Some are training for marathons, others want to feel strong in their bodies again. We all are very comfortable with each other, after weeks of  being scrunched together in Gazelle’s multi purpose room (our instructor never likes to turn away anyone from our practice, so on occasion our space gets limited 🙂 But sometimes I enjoy the energy of others so physically close, it really rejuvenates me when I am feeling a little low, as if I am soaking up all of their energy like sunlight. Not to mention it keeps you from not getting to serious, allowing for a giggle or two when you accidentally whack your friend during a flow sequence.

This week, after a particularly relaxing session (I think I even fell asleep for a few minutes during Shavasana) we decided to take our community time past the yoga mat and walked across the street for some dinner and more chat time.  Over a $3.50 pasta special we shared more of our lives that hadn’t been touched on during the pre-class chats. It was fantastic to learn more about my classmates, finding out that my teacher did an apprenticeship for herbal/food medicine or that someone else makes their own jewelery while another actually grew up in my home town (this last one is seriously amazing if you know how small of a town I’m from)! That evening reminded me of how much more yoga can be, besides an extra stretch or strength routine. It can be great community, sharing energy with some wonderful people brought together by our practice.

If you are in the area and want to look up our instructor, her website is here

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