The Little Things That Count!

Sometimes the littlest things will improve your climbing tremendously. Climbing isn’t all about strength, of course strength plays a big part but climbing is more of a mental game. You have to be able to push yourself past your limits. Your not going to climb well if your not in the right mindset, no matter how strong you are.

You always have to remember that your climbing because you love the sport. You can’t get too caught up in the grades. You need to have fun while your climbing, you shouldn’t get too caught up in the competitions or be pushing yourself so hard that it’s not fun anymore.

A really important thing to work on is your footwork. You waste less energy if you have good footwork. When your climbing, you want your feet to be silent. You shouldn’t hear your shoes slamming against the wall, your shoes will have holes in them before you know it. You would also be surprised on how much energy you waste just by readjusting your feet!

To improve your footwork you should find a boulder problem that you can do easily. While you climb it, pay attention and really focus on your feet. Place your feet quietly on the foot-chips, and only place your toe once. Just trust it, and go.

When you sport climbing, resting is essential. When your resting on a route, you should always have your arm relaxed. You need to grip the hold loosely, other wise, you will quickly find yourself getting pumped. When I’m resting, my favorite way to rest is to work my feet up high and turn my hips into the wall. A really good way to rest, if you can, is by using a heel hook. It really helps get the weight off arms and shoulders. Proper resting is really helpful on long routes!

If you pay attention to the little things, like resting and your footwork, you will be surprised how much you can save energy, and improve your climbing!

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