February 2012 Update

Definitely a month of learned mistakes. After, I recieved the fit block (we talked about in an earlier post) I fit them to my model and then from that we made the styled proto sample. It is very improtant to have well fit garment, so when we received the proto sample I drove an hour and a half to Michigan State University. Where I had 10-12 size small runners try them on. I wanted to see how the short reacted to the different body types. I was happy to hear all the compliments and happy exclaims about the shorts from many of the women, as they were trying them on.


The next day I went to Planet Rock Gym in Pontiac, MI where I had Maddy our sponsored climber try them on. She is actually an extra small. I just really wanted to see how being in a harness effected the fabric. The good news was fabric preformed very well. Bad news, the Best Stretch A&E thread (top of the line for active wear) was not abrasion resistant. It is what you call a wooly nylon. It gets it’s name because when it is relaxed it is very fluffy and wool like. When you pull it tight it looks like any normal piece of thread. This creates great movement and elasticity for seams which is key for a good sportswear.
From all this fitting and product testing. I ended up bringing the back rise up 1/2 inch, as it was it fit perfectly. The reason for the extra half inch was that things go in pockets and even though they may not be big things I never want athletes to worry about drupy shorts. As for the thread issue I ordered new thread called WildCat Plus. Not just because I like Northern Michigan University, but also because it had great seam elasticity, strength and abrasion resitance. Also I have sewn with it before, so I know how it preforms. I would like to thank Schmid-Bowman for that they are a Michigan distributor who is able to get you only what you need as a small company (and quickly).

I expect to have a new sample here in a few days. It will have the new thread, new heat transfer labels and include one of our own designed patterned fabric. I hope to have an update in a week show casing the product and hopefully reporting an exact timeline as to when my product will be for sale!

Stay Tuned!

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