Wear UR Voice: An introduction to a new writer, Macrae Stone

UR Sportswear has community in mind. What community, do you ask? Well, the athletes themselves. The companies intent is to acquire community involvement in UR’s product design.

I did an interview of Jacalyn Gross, being, not only, the owner and founder, is also the main designer for the sportswear of her company. We discussed a menagerie of topics, covering product design, goals, and a great deal about the pertinence of customer input and community views. The interview was recorded for a podcast blog that will be up before the end of the current week.

During the interview she revealed that her main designs are based on what a customer’s inputs are. She wants her customer’s to feel the way they do in their regular garb of choice when being athletic, and remain in that sense of identity that exists when wearing street wear. I became curious as to what her company could accomplish with such a personable and professional goal.

I’ve always wanted to have my voice heard through a company’s product, especially with clothing. UR Sportswear wants to be a part of their customer’s athletic growth and hope to have more of their voice echoed through the company’s products. Having its mind open to the opinions and ideas of the community will be a successful trait for UR Sportswear.

I am, Macrae Stone and I am working for UR Sportswear to guide the thread through the needle’s eye; the bridge between people and business. I will be blogging about my discoveries concerning the relationship between local communities and UR Sportswear, in hopes to engage fellow athletes into unveiling their valued views.

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