January 2012 Update

You have most likely noticed that we have been posting alot of proto samples on Facebook. To help explain what we are doing or why product is taking so long to come out.  I’d thought it would be best to give everyone an update.

Proto samples are also known as fit samples. Meaning that these samples are made by the factory to make sure that the fit is ideal. Since UR places high value on this, I have been going back and forth with the manufacturer to make sure that your needs are met.

The image on the first image on the left is the first fit sample, the pattern was incorrect so the fit was terrible and we also had to make a lot of changes. Not just with fit but also how the finished garment is supposed to look.

The most recent fit “block” sample (second on left) had some minor yet important changes. I say block because there is no style lines included in this sample. We were just focused on fit! Next we will receive a sample that is made with the style lines added thus this sample will look almost exactly like the final garment. The only difference maybe the zipper or the thread used will be altered on the finished goods. If this next fit goes well we will be on track for a product launch in mid March.

Our heat transfer labels (tags) have also come in. These are backwards (far left) because they need to be sort of ironed on the fabric, with a very sophisticated iron. I tried show you an example with a regular iron (second on left) and you can see it didn’t turn out well. I will be sending them to the manufacturer soon to have them heat transferred onto the garment.

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