Run-Inspired, By Tiffany

I’m inspired by night runs, by thunder storms and sheets of torrid rain. I’m inspired by runs so hot the sweat melts off your skin before it can drop to the ground. I’m inspired by deep snow, by icy sleet and solitary distances that stretch out endlessly. I’m inspired by draining workouts and long runs, burning lungs and blood pounding in your ears. I’m inspired by the chase, by the edge, the unquenchable urge for speed and distance. I’m inspired by hardcore effort that dredges your body of every last reserve of strength, distilling your body down to the purest essence of your desire.

I’m spurred on by pain, when it burns the most and all you want to do is make it hurt more. I’m driven by competition, by the overwhelming need to be the best, to win. I’m inspired by anyone who wasn’t afraid to try. I’m inspired by limits, by potential, by success. But I’m also inspired by failure. I’m inspired by defeat, when you’re knocked down again and again but you get back up to fight some more. I’m inspired by anyone who has ever made a come-back. I’m inspired by insurmountable odds and the looming threat of impossibility. I’m inspired by gut wrenching disappointment that spawns all-consuming passion. I’m inspired by unwavering, unfathomable, incomprehensible faith in a single long-shot dream. I’m inspired by the journey; getting there the long way and enjoying every sorrow and triumph along the way. I’m a runner, and I’m inspired by the run.

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