Putting the ‘pee’ in PR

So now that I’ve had time for my body to recover post marathon and have fully soaked in the joy of that moment, it’s time to get real. Let’s just say joy wasn’t the only thing I was soaked in that day…

Yep, I peed my pants during my first marathon.

Why would I share this on a public forum you may ask!? Well, I think it’s important to talk about the seemingly awkward and embarrassing parts of running too. Some people may have experienced this in a race and felt ashamed or nervous that people would realize what was happening within their personal bubble. My intent for this post is to shine some light (and humor!) on the fact that we are all human, and although some (typically private) bodily functions may occur during a race, there is absolutely no reason to feel self conscious about it.

I’ve had teammates and friends share stories of peeing their pants (or sometimes even worse!) during a race or run, but throughout my running career I had shockingly never experienced this before. Going into the marathon, I hadn’t even thought about that being something that might happen or a factor I’d have to consider how to deal with. The weirdest part was that when it started to happen, I had no feelings of needing to go. It wasn’t like I had the urge and just chose not to stop at a porta-potty. I literally had no control or understanding of why it was happening, it just was.

Some runners experience this often, some never have. Speaking from experience, it will likely happen when you least expect it. Somewhere between the last 4 to 5 miles of the race, I lost all control of my body. I felt goosebumps everywhere and started uncontrollably peeing. I was running with a couple friends and immediately, in my state of delirium and dehydration, started shamelessly announcing that I was peeing my pants and couldn’t stop. At this point, my body was so exhausted and I felt so defeated, that I had not an ounce of shame. Admittedly I was pretty loopy and in the most bizarre head space I’ve ever occupied, but felt the need to share regardless. Whether you would share this with others or not, I personally want to remind you that it’s totally normal… and who knows, maybe if you let it flow it’ll lead you to a new ‘pee’ R! 😉


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