Words of encouragement: A sampling from Women Empower Active

I am an inspiration junkie. I like to hear how other people get through difficult times, their views on facing challenges, their words of encouragement. It’s one of the things I love about being part of Women Empower Active — listening to amazing women tell their stories. By the end of the interview, I’m ready to sign up for an ultra, lift heavy things and hike across New York State. There have been some pretty powerful words of encouragement from our recent stream of guests at Women Empower Active. Catch all the interviews at the URSportswear YouTube channel and revel in the bits of wisdom below:

Krissy Moehl, ultrarunner
“To everyone I say ‘smile.’ We’re so lucky that we get to go out and explore the trails. Enjoy it. It gets hard sometimes but look up, look around, look at what you’ve accomplished.”

Brandi Asher, strongwoman
“Don’t be afraid to be outside your box. Being outside of your comfort zone is a good thing and sometimes when you take that leap and push yourself a little bit it pays out immensely. If you think you want to try something, Strongman or otherwise, do it. Try it. Reach out to someone and have a conversation. What’s the worst thing that happens? You end up not liking it or you don’t do it anymore? OK. At least now you know. Keep it fun.”

Heather “Anish” Anderson, thru hiker
“My advise is always to dream big and be courageous. We can have all the dreams we want but without the courage to make them a reality, they’re just dreams. You can spend your whole life going ‘oh someday’ and ‘I wish’ but at some point if you want it to happen you just have to make it happen. You have to take risks.”

Angel Rossi, thru hiker
“Everyone makes choices. The people I find to be the most inspiring in life, I find that they have a strong sense of what they are working toward and they make choices to get to that. If you can have a strong sense of what you’re working toward, slowly and surely you will make that happen for yourself.”

Jessica Kelly, hiker and coach
“It’s rarely as scary as you think it is. I think often the imagined fear or danger is much greater in your head than it actually is in reality. You are not your thoughts. … Don’t let fear control you or keep you from doing things you really want to do. It’s just a thought you’re having. It’s not necessarily the reality of the situation.”

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