Wanderlust: Inspiration from Angel Mathis

Angel Mathis knew she wanted to develop relationships, be healthy and do the things which made her happy. Those became her core values and inch by inch she made decisions that were in line with those core values, her personal mission statement of sorts.

That led her and her husband, Tim, to embark on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. .They finished Sept. 29, 2016 feeling both triumph and sadness. They left the trail for three weeks when Tim’s father’s brain tumor took a turn for the worse. They lost him during that time, but chose to return to the trail — the life they had carved out for themselves.

Women Empower Active: Wanderlust with Angel Rossi Mathis Thursday January 28th - Tonight! 6:00pm MST | 5:00pm PST | 8:00pm EST Angel reaching the age where she could legally run for president, decides to hike the PCT. All of it. At once. She quits her job as a family nurse practitioner where she was the primary care provider for more than 2000 patients. She also quits clinical vaccine studies with the Group Health Research Institute. Her husband Tim, quits his respective job as well. They both start drying fruit, get to selling their house and getting rid of their things. Then without further ado they just hike the entire 2600 miles of the PCT together. You are not going to want to miss this, Angel is hilarious! Hear her story tonight! 1. Watch live on UR Sportswear’s YouTube channel or http://bit.ly/AngelMathis 2. Sign in on Twitter 3. @ursportswear & use #strongwomen to ask questions and make comments More info: http://bit.ly/1xDzqfm

Angel shares her story — the tears and the laughter – of her life on the PCT for six months. Her uber-simple lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but the way she approaches life is inspiring. The world tells us to follow our passion but doesn’t tell us how to go about doing that. Angel likes to stress she’s nobody special, but I think she is. She’s an example of how to live your passion. First, take the time to really think about what you want, what’s really important to you. For real. No bull. Even if it sounds crazy. Even if no one else thinks it’s important. Then, you start to make decisions that move you toward that. They don’t have to be big decisions. You don’t have to go from zero to PCT thru hiker in one day. But each decision you make that lines up with your core values brings you closer to things you love and opens up an entire world of possibilities.

She’s inspired me to take some time to think about my own personal  mission statement, what it is I really want and then to start making decisions which line up with that personal mission. She’s inspired me to examine my own nagging sense wanderlust.

Check out the Women Empower Active interview and find yourself crying, laughing and inspired.


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