Ahh, the joys of being back on the East Coast. Just when I thought I had escaped a midwest winter, Jonas hits. Could be worse, I guess– I could be in Washington DC.

And in typical fashion, I spent the better half of the morning dreading getting everything on and heading out for the meager 3 miles I had planned for today. The snow was slowly building up, coating the windows and blocking the doors, and still I waited.

I finally decided to get going around 11am, by which the snow had been falling for most of the night and all morning.

It wasn’t a good run, but I trudged through. Luckily, there were no cars on the kind-of snowplowed roads (the trucks were coming around about once an hour, plenty of time for snow buildup), and I also ran with my headphones on, blasting the Ke$ha pandora station (hey, she pumps me up, deal with it).

Before I started, I sent a couple “ugh can’t believe I’m doing this” snapchats to other runners, who had already gotten their butts out the door. So all through my little 25 minute slip-n-slide around the neighbourhood, I was getting motivational “proud of you gurlllll” texts and snapchats. I cannot recommend it enough; knowing that there were now 5-6-7 people counting on me, thinking I was out putting in the work, I couldn’t not actually put in the work. 

At the end of the day, you can use as many tricks as you want to get out the door. Promise yourself a treat, meet up with a friend who’s expecting you, post on social media so that everyone you know will know! Do whatever it takes to get yourself going and do what you need to do.

So I finished my yog in one piece, just a little bit stronger, and 3 miles closer to hitting my weekly mileage target. I’m not ready to start thinking about my long run tomorrow morning– do you think there will be any treadmills open at the YMCA?


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