Climber or Not: Watch This

Here is a little inspiration for everyone’s Monday 🙂

Whether you are a rock climber, runner, gymnast, yogi, soccer player, musician, whatever you may be, you should watch this video. We all need to learn how to find that “mediation” or relaxation phase in our lives. Everyone has a different time that is best to enter this phase. FIND IT. USE IT. Being able to use relaxation to your advantage is very helpful. Your relaxation zone may be approaching a climb, walking onto a stage, changing a position, waiting in a corral, or maybe its focusing on a skill. Close your eyes, even for one minute. Take a deep breath and open your eyes back up. Relax, and move forward.

This video inspires me in everything I do, school, work, running, climbing, and yoga. I can apply it to everything:

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