Bringing the Adventure Back

blog south africaAdventure is never far away. It lies right outside your front door. If you have 20 minutes today, I encourage you to try this out:

Go for an adventure run {or walk}!

Discover new streets. Take a different path. Find a place you’ve never been. Explore a new trail or neighborhood.

As you run observe the scenery. Take snapshots with your mind. Look at the world through the eyes of a wonder-filled child again. 

I try to do a run like this once a week. It refreshes my body and soul. It reminds me that life is more like a wild adventure than a detailed plan.


When I go on these little adventure runs, as I like to call them, I am reminded that sometimes life is mysterious- we don’t always know where we are going. The places that might look like dead-ends, actually have no end at all. Rather than turning back, I am led straight into a hidden forest or serene pathway that I’ve never seen before.

These runs helps me get out of my workout routines, but more importantly challenge me to step out of my comfort zones in life. So often, I adapt to my surroundings and my schedules. I get too familiar with life and go into machine mode. Nothing feels particularly beautiful or special anymore. Instead of being expectant and excited about life, abundantly joyful and thankful, I feel bored and passionless.

These runs remind me that life isn’t  about finishing or being productive, but about enjoying the journey along the way. I don’t train to win a race or get faster, I run because it’s fun, because I feel alive, because it is a gift. Adventure runs are a physical reminder to me of how I want to lead my life- celebrating little things, taking risks and being brave, and loving the people around me…this is a truly successful {and adventurous!} life to me!


What if you and I saw our lives this way too…as an adventure?

What if we dared to take a different road than everyone else? What if we challenged ourselves to step out of our comfortable routines and do something different? What if we began to take action on our dreams instead of always settling for what feels easiest?

It’s time to bring adventure back into every aspect of our lives!

Who’s with me?


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