Heartbreak Dreaming

Grandma’s Marathon did not go according to plan. It did not go well, and it was not a particularly fun day. That is the big downside to marathon training. When it goes poorly, it goes poorly for a loooooooooooong time.

I was running a nice easy run today, and the song Heartbreak Dreamer by Mat Kearney came on my shuffle. I had listened to his album a bunch during my buildup, and this song resonates with me every time.

“For all the heartbreak dreamers waiting for the light
Looking for just one reason to get through the night
Every long lost believer caught in the fight
All the heartbreak dreamers gonna be alright
Everybody sing…”

It reminds me that everybody struggles. We are all battling something in our lives, whether it is our careers, or love, or feelings of inadequacy, or fear; everyone is in a fight. The trick is to look forward to the light, not lose sight of it, and keep on moving.

I realized that I won’t think that way on my own. I practice running every day, but I can go days without forcing myself to form positive thoughts or to practice good mental habits. I have let myself sink into feeling sorry for myself for bad luck and unfortunate circumstances, but that is not healthy or helpful for effective training. I put so much time into workouts and training and to neglect the mental aspect of it is silly.

So I am going to listen to that song and album regularly (you should too!) and get back to working out my mental game as well. I will share what I learn with you along the way, so that we can be heartbreak dreamers together.